A12 Biceps Brachii - Proximal and Distal FunctionZoom

A12 Biceps Brachii - Proximal and Distal Function

A Giclee print of a pencil and acrylic paint illustration of the proximal and distal functions of the biceps brachii in three images. You donít just do curls with the biceps. Proximally, at the shoulder, if the scapula is held stable, glenohumeral flexion occurs (the upper arm arcs up a bit Ė right image). If the arm is held stable, scapular elevation and anterior tilt is the result. Distally, at the elbow, if the shoulder is held stable, the radius is pulled towards the humerus, aka the curl. If the hand is held stable, as in a pull up, the shoulder and humerus are pulled towards the radius. An additional, further distal function is internal rotation (pronation) of the hand via pulling up on the radial tuberosity and moving the radius over the ulna. This appears as the thumb side of the hand being rotated up and over, lateral to medial.

Original Media: Pencil and Acrylic Paint.

Print Paper: Giclee print on heavy, archival quality, matte paper. Unframed.

Signed and numbered by Professor Kilgore.

Descriptive 5"x7" text card included.

USA domestic shipping via USPS (1st Class Certified - Signature upon receipt) provided at no additional cost.

International shipping has additional cost.
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